Scientists Simplifying Science

Envisagenics: Splicing with a twist!

Innovation is a necessity for us scientists. We are encouraged to discover, invent, identify a plethora of things. Whether we hunt antibacterial compounds or work on technologies that will revolutionize gene synthesis our product is eventually innovation. We thrive on it. It is what unites us, and makes each one of us unique at the… Keep Reading

Reporting from the Lab

Dealing with an epidemic

The year 2017 challenged the society with a ‘national emergency’ that led to over 60,000 deaths. Some called it an epidemic – a public health crisis – a war against drugs.  As the struggle to deal with the overwhelming opioid crisis continues, many significant steps are being taken by scientists and healthcare professionals to develop… Keep Reading

That Makes Sense

2018-The year of glass half full

I am not a TIME fan in any sense. However, the last issue of TIME caught my attention. The cover story was named “The Optimist,” edited by Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Malala Yousafzai and other prominent leaders of the world. Their editorial discussed the positive changes the world is seeing despite all the negativity which… Keep Reading

ClubSciWri/Data Science

CSG’s Data Science Venture: A new beginning

Data generation and analysis is not a new concept. While high throughput scientific data has been generated by the likes of genome sequencers and the Large Hadron Collider, large swathes of commercial data has been generated by Amazon, Netflix, Google and social media platforms. Thinking in a more organized manner, every aspect of life, be… Keep Reading


The Year That It Was – 2017

Another year has come to an end! On this first day of a new year, new month and a new week, the Newsletter team wish you a fantastic kick-start. We have many reasons to celebrate the year 2018; one being we will soon be one year old, but the biggest joy is each day we… Keep Reading


Impression 2017 – Club SciWri in retrospect

Club SciWri, the online blogging platform founded by scientists for scientists, has constantly endeavored to provide a platform to STEM professionals who’ve tirelessly instigated their passion for literary and/or artistic skills with the bonus of visibility. The team that runs this journal, even in the wake of organizational reshuffling in 2017, stuck to its vision… Keep Reading

Reporting from the Lab

Modeling Autism Using Stem Cells

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex neuropsychiatric disorder associated with impaired communication and social interaction. Since several genetic and environmental factors contribute to the pathology of ASD, developing a model system to study ASD is extremely difficult. In a recent report published in the journal Biological Psychiatry, researchers at the University of São Paulo,… Keep Reading


Mitra Biotech – A Pioneer in Personalized Cancer Treatment

Editor’s Note Finding a cure for cancer has been a daunting prospect for both physicians and scientists. Strides in various genomics technologies have revealed the mutational landscape of cancer and heterogeneity within tumors. Despite availability of therapies that target specific mutations, the biggest road-block has been the prediction of accurate biological response to these treatments.… Keep Reading

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