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The week that it was -Dec 24 2016-Dec 31 2016

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As we start with the new year, ClubSciWri brings an added dimension. Under the scope of ‘The week that it was’ in ClubSciWri, each Sunday I will bring you a summary with the links to the most interesting/liked/discussed posts made on the CSG forum by the members each week. This is to make it easy to keep a track of the ever-increasing number of posts being made on the forum, on a variety of topics. As a compiler it makes it easy for me to track the articles if they are with #sciwri.

Below are the topics that have kept our members busy over the last one week, despite the holidays.

Participate in the poll so that CSG builds up a stronger demographic statistics of its members.

Explore the different career options that exist in life sciences.

Find an exhaustive list of Indian companies that can be your next career destination as a consultant

Know what it takes to be in project management in the biotech sector. For those who enjoyed it will find an opening at Conte lab, University of California, San Francisco.

Find a comprehensive list of what to and not to do’s while planning to apply for career development awards.

Slack, an alternative to emails. is increasingly being used for group communications even in the scientific circles.

Be inspired by unconventional career paths of Gadi Geiger.

You cannot ignore the management tips to help you grow into a successful leader.

Know how to build an impressive LinkedIn profile. Make sure you use the right keywords to help the potential employers find you.

Wish you all a fruitful week and a successful year ahead. And looking forward to your posts on SciWri!

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