The week that it was – 1st to 7th Jan, 2017

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Welcome back post-holidays, guys. The last week CSG brought us discussions on science and spirituality in light of the 104th Indian Science Congress to understanding the recent trends in research and paths to tread beyond academia.

Let’s take a sneak peek into what have kept our members occupied the last week.

As the dilemma begins for the final year PhD students, check EMBO director, Maria Leptin’s suggestions to the students at IISER, Pune.

Instead of investing in newer medicines pharma companies are delving into repurposing existing drugs in the market.

As the latest trend in life sciences leans towards microbiome research, New Yorkers, do not miss an opportunity to listen Rob Knight at Mt. Sinai on the 9th Jan, 2017 at 10 am. Needless to say, time is apt to keep up with the industries invested in microbiome research.

A compilation of top job blogs of 2016, includes help for drafting cover letters, resumes and CVs to LinkedIn profiles.

Know about presenting your transferable skills on a resume for a job whose requirements do not directly align with your experience.

Read an interview with former Infosys CEO, Kris Gopalakrishnan and know his views on Indian start-up scenario and his support for growth of research based start-ups in India.

Is the Indian Science Congress (again!) missing the point of scientific research? Or is it plain politics? Or simply a part of Indian culture? The scientific community is surely seeing many stalwarts shunning the Indian Science Congress.

As we realize increasingly the need for science communication, more innovative ways to engage layman with science also are evolving, like the initiative Shoot for Science and to connect scientists with the journalists via Help a Reporter.

See you all soon!! And until then have a productive week ahead.

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