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This week on CSG we celebrate Earth’s Day and assert our support and integrity towards ‘Science’ while endorsing the worldwide ‘March for Science’. Our cover-page for CSG and the Weekly updates this week is an illustration by Ipsa Jain, specially for the March for Science enthusiasts.

Zika vaccination reaches clinical trails in India

Scientists in Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech develop a novel vaccine using inactivated virus of the African strain (MR 766). The vaccine showed 100% efficacy against both the Asian and African Zika species in animal studies and is due for Phase 1 clinical trail in India next month.

Yet another reason to do a PhD in India

UGC approves a proposal to consider any period spent in active service during a PhD in India to be accounted as teaching experience for young graduates aspiring to apply for vacant faculty positions around the country. for Science

Scientists across the globe march in unison demonstrating their support their support towards the scientific community. Follow blogs and articles by people across the world as they five an account of their experience in various places such as Göttingen , USA and more.More updates and shares on March for Science are published on the CSG Facebook page using the hashtag #marchforsceince

CSG: the new Hogwarts in the scientific world

Hitesh Verma rightly deemed CSG, as the Hogwarts for the young PhD graduates, as Ananda has kindly compiled various initiatives in a post. Various articles on our page this week would benefit aspiring reviewers, consulting enthusiasts, MS –aspirants and other alternatives to a post-doc. Additionally eLife has complied a series of interviews with recent PhD graduates in early stages of their Science-related careers about how research helped them get where they are.

A lot can happen over coffee… or maybe Easter eggs!!

As the week began with an Easter Monday, we’ve had various initiatives for meet-ups in NYC and Bay area. Kindly respond to participate or to initiate meet-ups in your city or country and let the CSG family grow. Gottingen CSGians have gone a mile ahead with their hiking adventure to network over Easter while NYC-CSG had a very motivating coffee chat with Dr. Jun tang about his career transition as a Research analyst at Cancer Research Institute (CRI), Clinical Accelerator and Venture Fund.

Story of the week

This week’s inspiring scientist is Nobel Laureate Eric Betzig. Read on to know his association with microscopes, being labelled a physicist/chemist/biologist and how he deals with Nobel limelight.

More power to women…

As John Hopkins areto screen The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and this inspirational quote re-iterates the value of self-respect, we have an eye-opening read on how women are discriminated in leadership roles and how you need to walk to off-beaten path and be different to achieve your dreams and discussion following the article on our Facebook page.

Postdoctoral positions 
In host-microbiota interactions
At MD Anderson Cancer Centre
In ImmunoOncology at NIBR
In Oncology Discovery at Johnson and Johnson

At the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University in Science communication research

Other Opportunities

Some of the opportunities advertised this week were

The Schwarzman Scholars Application is live!! (Contact Nikhil Gupta for help with your applications)
IISc AANA National Conference 2017

Bloggers with fresh ideas for American Society of Cell biology (Contact : Sushama Sivakumar )
Expert Scientific Writer position. Email :

Deputy Scientific Editor for their membership magazine Infocus

Life Science consultant at Navigant Consulting

Have a good week ahead  🙂

About the author

Nisha Peter is a recent PhD graduate from Genome Damage and Stability Centre,UK and is now working as Research Fellow at Sussex Drug Discovery Centre,UK. Her research interest involves cell biology (I’ve spend a lifetime admiring mitotic cells during my PhD!!) and oncology. She works for Club SciWri as a freelance writer to pursue her love for “words”. Apart from being bench scientist she actively participates in science communication events, enjoys teaching, globetrotting and experimenting with music.


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