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Bluethroat (Luscinia svecica)

The sparrow-like bird displays brilliant blue feathers on the throat, known to reply to the calls of other bird, and sing its tunes is a treat to the bird lovers. In North America, they habitat the tundras. However, they are found in Europe and Asia too.

The male bluethroat has red spots on its neck and European ones mostly have white or entirely blue throats. They also have flashy red tails. These are migratory birds and hence can be found in Rajasthan during American winters. Insectivorous in nature, IUCN classifies them as Least Concerned (LC)


Krishnanand Padmanabhan


Hello everyone, I am Krishnanand, a graduate student in the field of biological sciences currently residing in Tel Aviv, Israel. Seeing the world around us with different perspectives has always inspired me and this was the reason behind choosing Photography as my passion. Being a biologist I firmly believe that equipment cannot match the perfection of Human Vision but they can definitely create art which we love to see.Motivated by this concept I wish to present you all my perspective to the beautiful world around us. Hope u all would enjoy the same!!


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