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The week that it was 3rd April-8th April 2017

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    Tejeswini Padma's vision of dynein regulation in fission yeast via Myo1

This week we applaud Indian scientists in various parts of the world putting themselves on the World science map with their amazing discoveries and innovative ideas.

From cancer to drinking water

An India researcher at Johns Hopkins develops world’s first 5D ultrasound system to assist cancer detection and treatment while Indian scientist at the University of Manchester have used graphene oxide sieves to desalinate sea water by 97%. This technology if used commercially could contribute significantly to drinking water issues in different parts of the world.

More jobs in New York

1.2 billion-biotech development promises to generate 12,000 jobs in New York City area.

Greens are good for the heart!!

Greens have always made it to our meals since childhood claiming they are ‘good for health’. While we despised them as kids, this innovation by scientist transforming spinach leaves to a beating human heart surely puts greens on our favourites list as scientists.

Sci-Art for the younger generation

As Tejaswini unveils a brilliant piece of Sci-art describing ‘gut feeling‘ in her own way ,  Ipsa Jain inspires younger minds to interpret science more creatively as she conducted the first 2 sessions of her Workshop series titled Summer Sci-Art Workshop for kids.

Resume Roadmap

Leading pharma companies’ pen down characteristics of outstanding candidates, LinkedIn makers share how to tweak your profile to attract recruiters and successful women share their strategies of effective networking.

Story of the Week

For young parents who are pushed to choose between career and kids, here’s an inspiring story of how who can take ‘kids to work’ and call it ‘management-skills’ to improve your CV.



Postdoctoral position in macromolecular crystallographic computing at NE-CAT, Cornell University

 Postdoctoral position atin the laboratory of Dr. Guocan Wang at MD Anderson Cancer Center

Post doctoral jobs in John Hopkins School of Medicine

Postdoc position is available at Mallikaratchy lab of Lehman College , City University of New York 

Assistant Professor positions at University of Warwick,UK


Esco Ventures Singapore is hiring Associates with data science/bioscience background.

CRO position in SF bay area

Associate Scientist : ImmunoOncology Research at Amgen

Senior/Lead Scientist at one of my local Biotech clients in Central NJ.

Senior Associate Scientist/Scientist I Biology, Fibrosis Research at Celgene

Scholarships and Grants

Early Stage Researcher with Marie-Curie fellowship at the National Research Council, Institute of Genetics and Biophysics A. Buzzati-Traverso – Naples, Italy.

PhD openings in IIT Kharagpur

Workshops and courses

Women in Science Career Development Workshop in San Diego.

Cell modelling workshop in Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.

Annual meeting of Experimental Biology Interest group is scheduled in Chicago on April 22, 2017.

For data scientists Neural Networks for Machine Learning bring together 30 free courses by  Geoffrey Hinton, a computer science professor at the University of Toronto.

A three-day insider’s look into management consulting at McKinsey for those considering a job in consulting

Call for PhDs and MSc graduates with analytical background to kick-start their career in data science with a 5-week programme.

Loreal Young Women in Science Scholarship, India


About the cover image

Title: Dynein regulation in fission yeast via Myo1.

Made for Dr.Vaishnavi Ananthanarayanan, INSPIRE Faculty Fellow, BSSE,IISc

Scientific Depiction by Tejeswini Padma.

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Explanation: The oscillations of the horsetail nucleus of fission yeast, along with the participating proteins- dynein(purple men) , Mcp5( green coloured anchor protein), Myo1 (in pink) , microtubule (blue rope along the diagonal) and PIP2  (pink circles in the cell membrane)  is depicted here.

Reference paper: Fission Yeast Myosin I Facilitates PI(4,5)P2-mediated Anchoring of Cytoplasmic Dynein to the Cortex’, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2017)


About the author

Nisha Peter is a recent PhD graduate from Genome Damage and Stability Centre,UK and is now working as Research Fellow at Sussex Drug Discovery Centre,UK. Her research interest involves cell biology (I’ve spend a lifetime admiring mitotic cells during my PhD!!) and oncology. She works for Club SciWri as a freelance writer to pursue her love for “words”. Apart from being bench scientist she actively participates in science communication events, enjoys teaching, globetrotting and experimenting with music.

The week that it was – 20th to 26th March, 2017

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CSG is now a platform with 6000+ members and CSG-Europe has started to bloom. Among the wide variety of information shared on the platform daily, I decided to bring you the opportunities to shape your future (of course, I know how you love to see them), help to deal with them and some refreshing foods for thought.

Time is ripe to attack the predatory science journals under the pretext of open access publishing, as researchers from Sussex carry out sting operation to expose 48 of them.

While Harvard Medical school scientists propose revising guidelines around genetic engineering, Nobel laureate Harold Varmus, Cornell Weill Medicine voices concerns around NIH budget cuts proposal.

Director of IISER Thiruvananthapuram, Prof. V. Ramakrishnan faces scrutiny for plagiarism; many academicians had objections to his appointment in the first place.

While CSIR lost enough of tax-payers money in filing non-revenue generating patents, researchers from IIT-Madras suggest possible solutions.

The market always loves and grooms the ones with exciting ideas –

  • Startup India brings free online extensive 4 weeks program for entrepreneurs to learn from the leading names in the country
  • Falling Walls lab, an initiative by German Centre for Research and Innovation, New York is looking forward to hear your research/ entrepreneurial idea to sponsor your meeting with other bright minds in Berlin, Germany
  • JoVE offers exciting prizes for filming equally exciting research work
  • And do not miss the opportunity to get connected with the pioneers in biotechnology in New York via the GRO BioPharma conference on 5th April

Illumina takes Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) techniques to fisheries; promises its help in increasing fishing yield.

Grab the openings-

With this mighty a list of openings, chances are high one of them interests you. Get started with the application then. Here are some tips on excelling your postdoc application, writing the perfect resume and cover letter. We don’t want to take chances here!

About the author:

Somdatta Karak works with Club SciWri as a project co ordinator and Corporate Liaison. She is a doctorate in neuroscience from Georg August University, Göttingen, Germany and has been a Teach for India fellow (2014-16). She loves putting her analytical skills to build newer and more sustainable solutions, enjoys traveling and communicating and takes every opportunity to expand her horizon.

You can reach her here.



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