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For the love of sleep

After a long and tiring day, we all love to go to our beds and get lost in the sweet world of sleep. Sleep provides us a break from the outside world and rejuvenates our bodies and minds. It is essential for our physical and mental well-being. Research has shown that sleep serves many important… Keep Reading


Science Policy: Shaping the Future

Editor’s Note: Our lives are blessed with the fruits of science, like that self-driven car which might soon be a regular feature on our streets. If science is so self-sufficient in discoveries then why does science policy matter? Well, what would that artificially intelligent car in your driveway be without a set of instructions to abide… Keep Reading

Facing adversities with alacrity – the odyssey of an aspiring Data Scientist

There’re always stories about people who flourish or aspire to flourish while tackling challenges and setbacks during their training or profession. This time I bring to you the adventure of Urszula Czerwinska. Urszula, or Ula as her friends call her, is a Ph.D. student at the Institut Curie, Paris. Throughout her higher education, she’s donned… Keep Reading


The week that it was : 27th February – 5th March 2017

CSG saw yet another week of insightful discussions and dynamic ideas to support and applaud the efforts of fellow researchers in the scientific community. Actions speak louder Lego honoured NASA female scientists with ‘minifigs’, as the winner of the LegoIdea contest. These toys will provide a guide as to what a girl is expected to… Keep Reading

That Makes Sense

Work or Not to work ?

Editor’s Note: The weekend is here and you are either driving back home or planning to come back to the lab after finishing some chores. Does working over the weekend make your two workweeks appear as a 14-day week? Or does taking a break over the weekend makes you all-refreshed to resume the new week with… Keep Reading

Rohan: Wildlife ‘cartoonizer’

I am yet to meet someone who decided to be an artist early on and work their way up. I wonder if as a society we don’t allow the young to make that decision. While we root for them if they want to be doctors and pilots and engineers, we don’t encourage careers in humanities… Keep Reading


The week that it was- 20th to 26th Feb, 2017

Different career options – academic and non academic, transitioning from the former to the latter, the key skills to further your career and the best places to find your dream job – all this and more that CSG members have been discussing over the last week. No more visa cap for Indian students in the… Keep Reading

Reporting from the Lab

Got fat ? Let’s migrate !

Targeted cancer therapy, for the most part, focuses on restricting the uncontrolled growth of a tumor. While these treatment strategies have been successful during the early stages of cancer, there is a constant need to identify treatment options for tumors that have undergone metastasis i.e. the tumor cells have dispersed from their primary site and localized… Keep Reading

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