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The week that it was : 29th May- 4th June 2017

Howdy folks!! With the British summer round the corner, CSG saw discussion on a varied world and ‘Our world-The Lab’ concerns. So let’s have a looks at what turned the heat on for our fellow scientists. ‘Trump-et’ controversies in the globally warmed-up village As Donald Trump walk out of Paris climate accord, the energy system… Keep Reading


The Genesis of PhD Career Support Group for STEM PhDs

This is the story of when and why it all began for CSG before we opened the group for members beyond campus of IISc…… January, 2016: It is great to write about the PhD Career Support group which was born out of a necessity to help large numbers PhDs who were coming out from the Indian… Keep Reading


The week that it was : 21st – 27th May, 2017

This week as we practice giving and inspiring future generations on ‘Red Nose Day’, CSG saw various initiative stirred by members’ enthusiasm to help and educate young PhDs in their career choices. Let’s have a look at what kept CSGians busy this week. Lessons from nature Nature has always inspired science since ages. This week… Keep Reading

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Time perception in the brain

In our previous two entries, we discussed how painters and writers reflected on the passage of time, and we also learned what philosophers and physicists had to say about this issue. Now it’s the time of neurobiology! How does our brain perceive time? What are the neural bases and possible mechanisms underlying time perception? Is… Keep Reading

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Depression in Science

via GIPHY I was wondering for quite some time as to how I should start this article. The only way I could start talking about depression in science is being direct about it. Let’s face it- sometimes depression does creep into some of us who are doing science. I am writing this article to share… Keep Reading

Face à Face

Transitioning from Bench to Academic management: Tête-à-tête with Dr. Viswanadham Duppatla

In Club SciWri’s transition interview series, we highlight the journey of Dr. Viswanadham Duppatla (Visu) today, who is the COO of MNR Foundation for Research and Innovations, India. Dr. Duppatla is a multifaceted research professional who envisions establishing an efficient system for training science graduates in India. He’s continuously striving for a change in the higher… Keep Reading

Planet Gurukool

Informational Interviews and How to go about them?

An informational or exploratory interview is an opportunity for the job seeker to explore about interested job roles, career fields or industries by seeking information from an expert individual who is experienced or currently working in the respective job role, career field or industry. The information obtained during this process enables the jobseeker to align… Keep Reading


The Patent Chronicle

May 23, 2017: Your weekly dose from the world of patents. The Patent Chronicle is led by Syam Anand, who has been at the core of CSG’s development and an entrepreneur himself. This section is your go to destination every week for a capsule dose on the hottest happenings in the patent world. Syam has clinically dissected out… Keep Reading

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