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Homeopathy Part V: The candy man can!*

Who can take a sunrise Sprinkle it with dew Cover it in chocolate And a miracle or two The candy man The candy man can The candy man can cause he Mixes it with love and Makes the world taste good… Before the establishment of modern pharmacology, superstition drove the selection and use of remedies… Keep Reading


Brains Behind the Scenes: Our Chief Data Monk

Onkar Bhardwaj, PhD: Chief Data Monk of ClubSciWri He is a computer scientist by Ph.D. and profession, currently pursuing a postdoc at IBM. He is also an alumnus of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He is an avid reader and internet-surfer; loves traveling, technology, languages, music; and likes to be a friendly person. He believes in… Keep Reading

Sci-IP/That Makes Sense


(These are not definitions, but helpful pointers)  What is a patent? A patent is an exclusive right for a limited time for an invention. What are the exclusive rights for? The rights are excluding others from making, using, selling, offering for selling and importing the invention. For how long is a patent valid? 20 years… Keep Reading

Laapataa- The Indian PhD

  Doing Research in India It is an uphill journey for a researcher working in India in many ways. One of the cited reasons talks about lack of resources or of top researchers who can really do game-changing research. I find that to be the least of the reasons. First of all, let me try… Keep Reading


Jobs this Week 30th Jan 2017-4th Feb 2017

Here’s all the jobs which were posted in CSG this week: Thanks to all those who have shared these opportunities.… Keep Reading

Laapataa- The Indian PhD

Meanwhile @IISc on any public holiday

    About the cartoonist: Sujit did his PhD from CSA (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) and joined Philips. After few years in the industry he joined IIIT Bangalore as an Assistant Professor and continues to teach there. Creator of ” Lapataa”- A fictional IISCian as he dodges through the reality of PhD. It is one… Keep Reading


About Us

  Welcome to Club SciWri- Scientists Simplifying Science Club SciWri is a club of science writers which originated from a Career Support Group created by ex-IISc students. The focus of Club SciWri  is on science communication which hopes to strengthen the bridge between Science and Society . As science progresses to challenge the limits of… Keep Reading


Homeopathy Part IV: Surely you were not joking, Mr. Hahnemann*

Once upon a time- about 220 years ago to be more precise- people lived “happily ever after”, taking things mostly for granted… even as their happy lives were intermittently challenged and frequently terminated by many diseases of unknown etiology… afflicted people seeking relief through anything and any means possible- chemicals, herbal extracts, prayers, “pagan” practices,… Keep Reading

Face à Face

Face to Face with Debojyoti Dhar

I have known DEB (DD) since early 2000 as a student in the University of Delhi. It was good days for science enthusiasts in Delhi. I saw Deb occasionally on Libraries with his friend. His calm cool demeanour always told me of his intellect and wisdom. As the luck would have it we became room… Keep Reading

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