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In Support of Arnab fighting Metastatic Sarcoma

We would like to introduce you to Arnab Sen, a brilliant student and scientist from India who completed his doctoral thesis in Germany. Arnab is 30 years old, the only child of his parents and was pursuing a promising career in Germany. He was diagnosed with metastatic Sarcoma merely two months before completion of his… Keep Reading

That Makes Sense

A scientist’s kitchen…..

Seeing the recent ASBMB blog “Science and spices”, posted by Abhinav Dey in the Career Support Group (CSG) for STEM PhDs made me chuckle, reminding me of a funny exchange I had with my mother-in law (MIL). An extremely caring lady that she is, my MIL never allows me to cook whenever she is around.… Keep Reading

That Makes Sense

Mid-Career Transitions Across the Oceans

Recently I had a discussion with a friend regarding mid-career transitions across the continents. I thought these discussions may be useful for this forum, hence this posting. Freedom is intoxicating and dangerous. It is like spicy food. Once you get the taste, you do not like blunt foods. Same is true with freedom. Once you… Keep Reading

Face à Face

NYC CSG Coffee Chat Chat with Tuhin Bhowmick, PhD Tuhin talks about his startup experience in Bangalore while pursuing his PhD at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. One thing you cant miss is his passion and fascination towards the technology he believes in. Keep Reading

That Makes Sense

Job rejections to a Job Offer

  Once I submitted my I-485 for the adjustment of the status (to that of a permanent resident) and got the EAD/AP (Employment Authorization Document/Advanced Parole), I started looking for opportunities outside academia. I revised my CV into a one page resume with few tips and tricks that I learned from reading blogs and perusing… Keep Reading

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Cooking in my Life

The earliest childhood memory I have about cooking is from when my mother would sit aside in the kitchen and pass on the responsibility to me. As per the customs in India at that time, she could not cook when she had her period, and being the eldest child in the family, I was the… Keep Reading

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