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Face to Face with Debojyoti Dhar

I have known DEB (DD) since early 2000 as a student in the University of Delhi. It was good days for science enthusiasts in Delhi. I saw Deb occasionally on Libraries with his friend. His calm cool demeanour always told me of his intellect and wisdom. As the luck would have it we became room… Keep Reading


Homeopathy Part III: You may tinker. You may not violate.

The physical world follows some inviolable laws that were discovered using scientific methods. By physical world, I mean the world that can be sensed and perceived and objective measurements and interpretations made and shared with clarity. Irrespective of affiliations and disciplines and also WITHOUT contradictions, these laws serve as the foundation for any scientific enquiry.… Keep Reading


Homeopathy Part II: Basics

Homeopathic remedies are made by succussion, which is nothing but repeated shaking-albeit following some directions. An extract or a compound or an element believed to have remedial property(ies) is diluted 1:100 with water or alcohol that act as inert carriers. The first round of succussion that is marked 2C ends in a 100-fold dilution of… Keep Reading


Homeopathy- Bogus or Science? Part I

This is first in an upcoming series of articles stemming from discussions on Homeopathy within the IISc Career Support Group (a FB group). BACKGROUND: The recent statement from Nobel laureate Prof. Venkatraman Ramakrishnan that Homeopathy is bogus was disliked and received with skepticism by a majority of people. The main reason invoked was that we… Keep Reading

Laapataa- The Indian PhD

Laapataa- The Disillusioned Graduate Student

Dear SciWri,   First of all, a heartfelt thanks for bringing back my work to people. Cartoon strips, unlike other forms of fine arts, needs a context, and at least a minimal audience who follow it, identify with it. Thanks for giving this to my old cartoon strips which had been slumbering for a number… Keep Reading

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