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Cooking in my Life

The earliest childhood memory I have about cooking is from when my mother would sit aside in the kitchen and pass on the responsibility to me. As per the customs in India at that time, she could not cook when she had her period, and being the eldest child in the family, I was the… Keep Reading


Ten years of sailing aboard a cockroach

The story of the cockroach milk protein started about a decade ago with the ‘curiosity of discovering’ and continues with the ‘curiosity of understanding and developing’. While observing these minute crystals inside the embryos of pregnant cockroach females, little did Nathan or Prof. Ramaswamy know that one day it will be popularly known for being… Keep Reading

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The grass is always greener….or is it?

As a PhD student in India, I was in a relatively privileged situation. I was in one of the best institutes in the country, a department with good resources, a good lab and a decent project to work on. Nonetheless, you learn pretty fast in grad school that, no matter how good your situation may… Keep Reading

Twitter Townhall @ClubSciWri #AskICMRsoumya on 30th April, 2016

Continuing to bringing forth science and healthcare policy makers for an informal discussion with our readers, we now invite Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, Secretary, Department of Health Research, India and also the Director General of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). Dr Soumya is an expert on tuberculosis research in India and has not only steered research but also generated awareness towards management of this ancient disease, which continues… Keep Reading


Frequently asked questions about patenting (part 2)

• Can I patent an idea that is just an idea? No. Ideas that do not describe an identifiable embodiment or do not have any functionality are not patentable. • Who can file a patent application? Inventors, owners and individuals or organizations with sufficient proprietary interest in the invention can file a patent application for… Keep Reading

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Homeopathy Part V: The candy man can!*

Who can take a sunrise Sprinkle it with dew Cover it in chocolate And a miracle or two The candy man The candy man can The candy man can cause he Mixes it with love and Makes the world taste good… Before the establishment of modern pharmacology, superstition drove the selection and use of remedies… Keep Reading


Brains Behind the Scenes: Our Chief Data Monk

Onkar Bhardwaj, PhD: Chief Data Monk of ClubSciWri He is a computer scientist by Ph.D. and profession, currently pursuing a postdoc at IBM. He is also an alumnus of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He is an avid reader and internet-surfer; loves traveling, technology, languages, music; and likes to be a friendly person. He believes in… Keep Reading

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(These are not definitions, but helpful pointers)  What is a patent? A patent is an exclusive right for a limited time for an invention. What are the exclusive rights for? The rights are excluding others from making, using, selling, offering for selling and importing the invention. For how long is a patent valid? 20 years… Keep Reading

Laapataa- The Indian PhD

  Doing Research in India It is an uphill journey for a researcher working in India in many ways. One of the cited reasons talks about lack of resources or of top researchers who can really do game-changing research. I find that to be the least of the reasons. First of all, let me try… Keep Reading

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