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An Earnest Appeal to You, the Mankind

Dear Human, Do you know that the fitness tracker you are wearing, or the smartphone app monitoring your daily physical activity, or the electronic health record (EHR) from your clinical visits are a few of the major sources of my training? What is this training for? Who is my employer? The answer to the latter… Keep Reading

Face à Face

When PhDs become leaders, future unknowns become unambiguous

It’s well established that having a PhD does not necessarily mean that a career path is well defined and laid out in front of us. As a PhD in training or a post-PhD professional, one must constantly reanalyze their passion and what would help satisfy their career needs. Additionally, it’s imperative to inculcate transferable skills… Keep Reading


Revolutionizing STEM Networking: STEM Peers 2017

What was brewing? Here’s the sneak-peak into STEM Peers 2017 Where inspiring Scientists convened To voice, what it takes to march On an unconventional career track. Be it research, be it business or management, Communication and entrepreneurship transition stories; The insider struggles, the rewarding moments And the recruiter beans All spilled out without filters to… Keep Reading

Reporting from the Lab

Turning immunity ON and OFF

Our immune system is a fortress with multiple layers of protection to keep invaders out of the body. But now and then, traitors arise within this fortress, turning the body against itself, causing what are called autoimmune diseases. Does the body have patrols to keep such traitors in check? Scientists led by Dr. Jan Carette… Keep Reading


Research Integrity: Integral to Good Science

Editor’s note: Integrity is the founding stone of scientific discoveries. Often without which the interwoven and complex structure of research falls apart. It is the need of the hour that the delicate bond of science and community is strengthened with the values of trust and honesty. However, with the boom of technological advancements- the availability… Keep Reading

Face à Face

Transition from Bench to Investor relations and Patient engagement-Face to Face with Dr. Michelle Avery

Nida Siddiqui (NS), interviews Dr. Michelle Avery (MA), who tells us about her love for science communication, and how she used skills learnt during her PhD, to transition from bench research to being the ‘Director of Investor Relations and Patient Engagement’ at Summit Therapeutics. NS: Could you tell us about yourself? MA: I loved science since… Keep Reading

That Makes Sense

Autistic individuals less startled by the unexpected

Autism, originating from the Greek word ‘autos’ meaning self was coined by the Swiss psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler to describe a subset of schizophrenic patients who were particularly self-absorbed and socially withdrawn. Currently, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), refers to a neurodevelopmental condition with core symptoms of social disinterest, communication deficits, and overly-focused or repetitive behavior. People… Keep Reading


Meet the STEM Peers-Part 4

With less than two weeks to go for STEM Peers, we will catch up with our STEM peers who are traveling from as close as Worcester (MA, USA) to as far as Chennai (India). So let’s know more about Vidhi Thakkar (who is traveling from Atlanta, GA), Parthiban Srinivasan (who is traveling from Chennai, India),… Keep Reading

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