Scientists Simplifying Science


The week that it was 3rd April-8th April 2017

This week we applaud Indian scientists in various parts of the world putting themselves on the World science map with their amazing discoveries and innovative ideas. From cancer to drinking water An India researcher at Johns Hopkins develops world’s first 5D ultrasound system to assist cancer detection and treatment while Indian scientist at the University… Keep Reading

That Makes Sense

Going Back to Home Country?? A Question of Concern

Image source Editor’s Note: Home is where the heart is, yet a number of times there come’s a moment in our life when we are expected to take a pragmatic decision. We leave our home country, family, and friends in search for a better future and life. However, often we face the dilemma of staying back and… Keep Reading

Theory of Creativity

Madhushree: the Maverink girl

Madhushree Kamak is perhaps one of the few in India who can address themselves as scientific illustrators. I interviewed her about her journey and the challenges she’s faced while fulfilling her aspirations. Madhushree is trained in biological sciences at the TIFR, Mumbai. It was there itself that she started drawing and sketching science for her… Keep Reading


The Patent Chronicle

Your weekly dose from the world of patents (April 4th, 2017). The Patent Chronicle is led by Syam Anand, who has been at the core of CSG’s development and an entrepreneur himself. This section is your go to destination every week for a capsule dose on the hottest happenings in the patent world. Syam has clinically dissected out… Keep Reading

Theory of Creativity

Gabriele Fallopio & The Human Anatomy

  This series highlights dead ol’ scientists, who went against the grain and started something cool. Most of them faced opposition to their ideas and beliefs, but they made some fundamental discoveries.   Illustrations by Leslee Lazaar                   I am a neuroscientist, who is passionate about communicating science using visual… Keep Reading


The week that it was- 27th March to 2nd April, 2017

The new week starts, with the cherry blossoms bringing in optimism. And we are steadfast in bringing you the resources that you might need to alleviate your apprehensions, regarding funding, next steps in careers and the cutting edge science happening worldwide. If you are a researcher in the US, and the NIH budget cuts are… Keep Reading


Motion seen through a painter’s palette

Editor’s note: The science of motion continues to fascinate us. For Kepler it was the planetary, for Ansel Adams it was the optical, and for Heisenberg it remained uncertain. But have you ever wondered how captivating it was for the pioneers of art and sculpture to capture the different forms of motion? In the Sunday Blog… Keep Reading


Multiple Sclerosis, Single Lead- Medness Focus on Ocrevus

What’s the news? The multiple sclerosis community has been eagerly awaiting the approval of the drug Ocrevus (ocrelizumab), which will be used to treat patients who have relapsing MS (RMS) and primary progressive MS (PPMS). The FDA’s decision of final approval came on March 28, coinciding with Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week. Ocrelizumab is the first and only investigational drug to show… Keep Reading


MedNess- March Mania

Hello and welcome to yet another exciting week of MedNess. In this March mania, we bring the news from medicine and healthcare with the greatest impact. Tom Price justifies NIH’s “indirect” budget cuts Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) defended Trump’s administration proposed National Institute of Health’s budget cuts. The Trump administration proposed $5.8 billion,… Keep Reading


Why I Left Bench Science and How I Found Science Diplomacy

Editor’s Note: Have you ever wanted to transition out of lab but the path seemed obscure? Don’t worry! You are not the only one! Read about Debanjana‘s first steps to “extraordinariness” and tune into her blog posts to follow her journey from lab to diplomacy. –Neha Bhutani   This is not the first time some disgruntled postdoc decided… Keep Reading

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